Why I moved from Mailchimp to ConvertKit now Flodesk…..

Email marketing is a more natural, organic way to be visible to your: followers, customers, clients and prospects. It needs to be easy for the reader to “read” but also for you (as a business owner) to create, publish and share.

That is why I had moved from Mailchimp to ConvertKit as my main Email Direct Marketing (EDM) platform.

It’s no secret that Facebook is saturated and visibility is at a minimum, making for a highly competitive market for little engagement and exposure on an account and platform you don’t own.

There’s still room with LinkedIn (though increasingly it is treated like Facebook!) and YouTube to get messages across BUT I think that email marketing is still (really) undervalued and underutilised.

You own your email contact list and you market it to the people you know or are engaged with you, because of your expertise and how you can help solve other people’s problems.

Here’s why I changed to ConvertKit

Mailchimp is one of the (if not, THE) original email direct marketing providers to the market – an easy choice for new businesses because it was relatively easy – and cheap – to use, i.e. free!

BUT, over time Mailchimp had become outdated and clunky with competitors lined up to take advantage of modernity and filling in the gaps Mailchimp wasn’t leveraging. Those gaps were in terms of more advanced marketing features like proper email sequences, and proper tagging and grouping.

A couple of years ago I moved my email direct marketing from Mailchimp to ConvertKit and I hadn’t looked back, once! I find that ConvertKit is well worth the investment and easy to navigate to get up and running with campaigns and tagging, landing pages and lead generation.

Since the move, I know that Mailchimp has been making changes to their layouts, features and pricing model – I give them that BUT it was too little too late for me and I often hear of other people’s frustrations but they bear with it because it is free/cheap or easier to change to another platform. I understand that.

Granted, I should mention that the only negative I have found with ConvertKit and hope they pull their socks up with (because they’re ahead with everything else!) is the email templates! The layout and space gaps when using the blocks, BUT that is a minor “con” compared to the many “pros”.

My question is then:

Do you value the quality of your list and the ability to segment and tag campaigns easily OR do you prefer cheap and clunky?


Natalie Campbell | Mailchimp Pricing


Natalie Campbell | ConvertKit Pricing

Here’s why I added FloDesk to ConvertKit

I tried FloDesk a couple of years ago when it first came on the scene, but it wasn’t ready enough for me. They had great pricing (US$19 per month) and simple and easy ways of creating and sending emails. It seemed at the time more suited to product-based businesses and I felt like I needed more, hence ConvertKit.

However, recently I re-signed with FloDesk – they still have their Beta pricing of US$19 p/month, which expires on 2nd November 2021 and prices are hiked up to about US$38 per month – because of its simplicity and ease and I can marry it with ConvertKit. I couldn’t go past the US$19 per month, as well as unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails/broadcasts.

Natalie Campbell | Flodesk Pricing

If you’d like to trial FloDesk and lock in the beta pricing before it goes up by double in November – click this link.

Here’s the down-low

If you want cheap and cheerful – use Flodesk

If you want cheap and easy – use Flodesk

If you want to pay a little bit more and have a bit more advance options – use Mailchimp

If you want the creme da la creme because your business is flourishing (and pricing is not top of your list) – choose ConvertKit.

I was torn between ConvertKit and Flodesk for my needs but I’m happy at this stage to combine ConvertKit and Flodesk (but that may change later down the track – and that’s okay because there are times changes need to be made to meet the needs of the business). Why? I practice what I preach – why lock into, or pay, more than you need?

Sign-up for a free ConvertKit trial account – click here

Sign-up for Flodesk beta pricing (before 2 November 2021) – click here

I highly recommend that you leverage the power of using EDM in your business – revitalising the account you already have or signing up with an EDM provider to get started. Fill in your details below to grab a copy of my EDM Comparison Chart:

If you’re unsure and a bit confused, contact me and I can help you navigate it.

Happy email marketing!

Natalie Campbell