Strategy Workshop


Your strategy workshop will provide you, as a Business Owner or Manager, with strategies and greater insights on better business operation performance so you can ditch the overwhelm; stress-less, save time, make more money and scale with ease.


As an overworked, overwhelmed fast-growth service-based SME business owner – you realise that your business operations haven’t been of focus and that change needs to happen so you can evolve and scale more organically, without re-inventing the wheel every. single. day.

The workshop session will be focusing on the issues and roadblocks you’ve been experiencing and discuss strategies to help you manage it more effectively. This will allow you to clearly see your ability to save time, make more money and scale with ease.

Once you have booked your strategy workshop session, you will complete a questionnaire and we will meet (virtually) to discuss your current business operations practices, what is/isn’t working, your goals and ways in which you can better perform.

We will be taking into account my 3 main phase ingredients for successful business operations:




The strategy workshop component will take about 1.5-2 hours and following the workshop, I will provide you with a recording of our meeting, along with a report documenting strategies to move forward.

It is definitely a worthwhile investment for your business!

I’ve found that the Strategy Workshop is a proactive action step business owners make when they know that change has to happen now! When they’re sick of the overwhelm and feeling lost; and need to make immediate positive changes to help you hit the ‘refresh’ button on your business operations.

I design and create a 3-step framework for the fast-growth service-based small business owner who struggles with saving time and scaling; by helping them to implement efficient systems and automation solutions.

Contact me if you have any questions before completing the purchase of the strategy workshop.


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