Strategy Session


My strategy session allows you to gain immediate insights and discover simple strategies for your business so you can ditch the overwhelm and scale.


As an overworked, overwhelmed fast-growth service-based small business owner – my strategy session allows you to gain immediate insights and simple strategies to help you in your business.

By booking a strategy session, you will have 1-1 access to me where I will conduct a 2-hour meeting with you (online) to discuss your business, any issues or roadblocks and its processes and then instantly provide you with some strategies to help you manage it more effectively and see clarity.

It is definitely a worthwhile investment for your business!

I’ve found that the Strategy Session is the first real step business owners take when they’re sick of the overwhelm and feel lost and need to make immediate positive changes to help you hit the ‘refresh’ button on your business operations.

Your strategy session will focus on how your business currently performs, discover leaks and what strategies can be used for it to work simpler and easier for you. This will allow you to see clearly your ability to save time, save (and make more) money and scale.

I design and create a 3-step framework for the fast-growth service-based small business owner who struggles with saving time and scaling; by helping them to implement efficient systems and automation solutions.

Contact me if you have any questions before proceeding with a booking.


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