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My Showcase Your Expertise Planner has been created especially for you to use for yourself – OR you can use it with your clients to help them!

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You may be wondering, why is showing off my expertise so important?

Well, let’s look at this scenario:

1. You want to hire a business coach.

2. You watch a live stream or attend a webinar with a potential coach. It was awesome, and maybe someone you want to hire and work with.

3. You check out their website, and you’re not even sure what you’re looking at. You don’t see much information on their about page, in fact, it’s pretty generic. On the live stream you watched, the potential coach mentioned their speaking gigs and media exposure, but you don’t see anything about that on their site. There aren’t even any testimonials.

You’re wondering: Does this person even have clients?

The aim of providing the Showcase Your Expertise is to help you – or for you to help your clients – to show off their expertise in a way that attracts new clients, speaking gigs and JV partners.

Just think of the websites you visit. Do you know right off what they do, who they serve and how they can help you? Or is it really confusing and out-dated?

Again, you can use this planner for yourself or help YOUR clients through the process of getting clear about their zone of genius and story, teaching them how to leverage their expertise everywhere.

The planner covers:

  • Identify Your Zone of Genius
  • Challenge Your Own Assumptions
  • Your Story, Your Brand
  • Update Your Bio with Specifics
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  • Brag a Little
  • Speak Your Piece
  • Gather Testimonials
  • There’s More to Life Than Business

You can use it to create a training course for your clients or monthly members; you can break up each of the steps into a video or live stream, you can add it into your existing course, and you can even use it to build your mailing list.

File Licence

You do NOT have permission to share, give away or resell the Showcase Your Expertise Planner.

This bundle is intended for personal business use only.

  • Use the bundle yourself in your business.
  • Use the bundle to provide services to your own paying clients.
  • Resell this kit in any way to your customers, clients, or members as this is not a PLR.
  • Give this kit away for free.


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