How to Price Like A CEO


Introducing a step-by-step pricing process to reach your desired income goals. 

Does the thought of pricing give you cold sweats? Do you freeze when talking about pricing with potential clients? Do you set prices and not change them because you think no-one will buy from you?

The purpose of this workbook is to help you to calculate the best price for your services, products, programs, VIP intensive days etc., so you can level-up and it is so simple. You will gain a greater understanding of income goals, lifestyle considerations, business offerings, value given, client base and cost of doing business.


How to Price Like A CEO snapshot | Natalie Campbell

Here are 7 simple steps you’ll discover in your workbook:

  1. How to set your income goal
  2. How you will make money
  3. How to factor in your expenses
  4. Understanding your customers
  5. Understand your product  + services
  6. How to set your pricing
  7. How to track your pricing.

There are fun exercises in determining what you need to do to meet your income goal with a BONUS Sales Calculator spreadsheet

Use the spreadsheet to add your income goal and input your services (and products). The spreadsheet will then calculate how many of each service/product you’ll need to sell to meet your income goal!

You do NOT have permission to share, give away or resell this How to Price Like A CEO downloadable bundle.

This bundle is intended for your own personal business use only.
  • Use the bundle content yourself in your own business.
  • Use the bundle to provide services to your own paying clients.
  • Resell this kit in any way to your customers, clients, or members as this is not a PLR.
  • Give this kit away for free.


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