Power in Emails and Email Marketing

Too often emails are interpreted as being mundane or cumbersome BUT there is real Power in Emails.

I’m not talking about daily personal-related emails but rather business-related emails.

Business emails that can range from informal to passive to formal, depending on the subject matter and who you are corresponding with, or sharing your expertise.

Me, I’m a formal email girl in all sense of the word but have been getting a little more informal, where I can be more succinct.


So my personality can shine. So that I don’t come across as uptight, stiff or mechanical.

(My formal approach is from the many years I spent in large city-based corporate law and my natural discipline with formality when drafting and corresponding in emails, letters, documents etc.).

We all know that emotion is not translated when writing an email and this is particularly true when reading an email we’ve received (and we have to rely on our emotional intelligence for interpretation of the author’s tone).

Your subscribers

If there is one thing that I am sure of when it comes to sending emails is that it’s not just the emails you send 1-1 with someone or to a select small group.  It is the power in the emails that you send to your subscribers about your products and/or services.

Your subscribers will be made up of people who want to hear from you and your expertise. It’s basically a “teaching” platform but also it’s a list that you OWN.

Your subscribers have given you their email address in exchange for you to share your knowledge and expertise – and let’s not forget the fact that you can also use it to launch your products and/or services.

I highly recommend you use your voice and your platform to engage with your subscribers to get all that knowledge out of your head and put it in emails that will help them.

The content can be direct knowledge sharing, highlighting a solution and driving with a call-to-action to make sales via eCourses, consultations, a reading, coaching, memberships, etc.

Create and provide value with your own personal touches.

I know it may sound easy – and it is something I had struggled with in the past – but ultimately, your email subscriber list it is not something that you want to remain cold but rather, want to keep warm and engage with often.

Personalization – it is not about first/last name. It’s about relevant content. ~ Dan Jak

Email tips

Whether you are writing an email from scratch, creating from saved email templates, have set-up as a workflow, or sending as a broadcast to your subscribers – here are my top tips for every type of email:

  • Be yourself
  • Know what you are writing and why (what problem do they have, and what is the solution?)
  • Be clear and succinct with your message

Email workflows

When it comes to email workflows these are a series of emails that are set up to automatically send as a series of emails when you link it to a product or service that someone has downloaded or bought from you.

Email broadcasts

For email broadcasts, to your audiences, I recommend planning out your emails in advance and being regular in your communications (something that I’ve learnt over the years!).

By planning in advance, you won’t be stuck on what to write on demand.

How do you plan in advance?

Schedule (at least) one day a week in your calendar to concentrate on your business strategies, tasks and objectives, i.e. marketing/content planning, client onboarding etc.

I can tell you that my email subscribers receive so much more from me (than my blogs or social media posts receive) on all things business operations related like a demo on how to create and save your own email templates, as well as how to create email workflows, resources; amongst other business operations topics.

Here is the link for you to join my list and be kept in the loop with tips and tricks so you can save time.

Bonus tip: Email marketing is where you NEED to be if you want to scale your business from being 1:1 to 1:many. Otherwise, the ability to scale will land you in struggle town!

Want to know more about direct email marketing in your spiritual business? Contact me.

Natalie, xo

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