Hourly Rate Calculator

Do you know how much your time is worth?

I’ll help you understand how much you really spend on business tasks – and how much you should be charging for your services!

Here’s why I am doing this, and why you need to know this!

You should be aware of how much your time is worth per hour – more than just the exchange of money sense – so you can re-think how much it really costs you to spend unnecessary time on menial tasks that you could delegate or outsource, like emails, appointment setting, bookkeeping etc.

To discover how much your time is worth – enter the numbers in the fields to then calculate your ideal hourly rate. Once you have the hourly rate, consider how much time you spend on tasks that are non-revenue generating and discover how expensive it is for you to do it comparable to someone else!

Consider this: is it cheaper to do menial repetitive admin tasks yourself, at say $100-$150 per hour, compared to automating it OR delegating it to someone else and paying them $50 per hour?


Spend the time wisely, like concentrating on income driven tasks to up your revenue and really make impact with your $100 per hour.

Are you struggling with the pricing of your products and services to meet your income goal?

How To Price Like A CEO! Workbook

You don’t need to price down your products and services to attract buyers. You shouldn’t even be breaking even!

Use this step-by-step workbook to determine the best prices for your services, programs, membership site, VIP intensive days etc., so you can hit your income goals with ease!

Organise Your Work Day Like A CEO

If you haven’t yet downloaded “Organise Your Work Day Like A CEO” workbook – I recommend you do as it ties in beautifully with the hourly rate calculator and planning your day!

Organise Your Work Day Like A CEO Workbook

This workbook helps you put control back into your day so you’re not hitting the glass ceiling and can enable more growth in business, as well as in revenue.

Along with the Workbook, you’ll receive a bonus “Get More Done In A Day” workbook, along with the Task Outline and Priority Planner.

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