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Helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs Build A Successful Business

It’s time to stop playing small and step out of your comfort zone to share your talents with the wider community, with a divinely streamlined + successful spiritual business that will save you time, provide greater visibility and grow your revenue!

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Discover Your Word of the Year

By harnessing one single word, and setting your focus, intention and manifestations around it, you are amplifying your power in achieving your goal.

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hi divine souls!

Feeling stuck with creating and expanding your spiritual business?


I’ve worked with many spiritually guided women who are on their journey in helping others, but don’t actually help themselves.

I’m guessing that you are playing small and although seemingly happy to do so, know that there is something bigger and better out there for you.

Give yourself permission to explore the possibility of running an amazing (professionally built + presented) spiritual business that will let you step into helping others, in a more streamlined and less chaotic way.

Are you ready to spread your divine gift to a wider community?

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the strategist

I’m Natalie. Spiritual + Intuitive Business Strategist.

I know what it’s like to do everything yourself and get lost in the process, I’ve been there and done that.

I know what it’s like to make life changing decisions that involves stepping into the unknown and figuring out how to start + run a business, and manage a family household at the same time. The struggle was real. But it doesn’t have to be!

I’m here to help others, like you, in the spiritual and natural therapies industries so that you don’t have to go through what I did, you can get there a lot quicker and in the process, save yourself loads of time and money!

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Resources to help you get started, or to scale your spiritual business

There is a certain element when creating and building your business that does require your time and energy. There is no doubt about that.

However, once your spiritual business [plan] is mapped out, processes + systems are set-up, and your new way of working is implemented, the hard part is done.

Then all you have to do is the divine work you’re destined to do – that you love to do – and allow the business operations to take care of itself as much as possible for minimal attention and input.

Imagine how it will feel to have people come to you and your business systems are set up in a way that you don’t need to be constantly doing things like monitoring emails/messages to respond + follow-up on bookings!

Business Resources

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the free planner!

Productivity + Priority Planner

Easily understand what it is you actually do by using the planner to help you prioritise your tasks and save you time.

Will you keep. delete. delegate. outsource. automate. your tasks? Download now.