Discover Your Word of the Year

Have you ever heard about a Word of the Year?

You may be aware and have one chosen, but on the flip side – you may not and can now discover how a Word of the Year can be beneficial to you and your mindset.

By creating a word of the year, it can do amazingly powerful things for you, if you let it!

Last year my word of the year was strong. I reminded myself each day via a calendar reminder that I am strong. I’ve got this.

I believed in my word and I did come out at the end of the year much stronger because of it.

This year I was leaning towards Rockstar as I really wanted to rock this year but after careful consideration and reviewing my business plans for the year ahead, I decided:

My 2022 Word of the Year is Believe.

This is a year for me to believe in myself and believe in all that I can achieve. 

There may be challenges and roadblocks, but I believe in myself, my abilities, and my success.

The word believe doesn’t just apply to my business circumstances but to my personal life as well.

It is a mindset.

It’s true that our minds are powerful, and we don’t use them to full capacity but if we strive to be positive – it’s amazing what can come out of it.

It doesn’t have to be hard to discover your word of the year. Break it down by asking yourself various guiding questions to get to the heart of what your word is.

Download a copy of my free Word of the Year Guidebook to discover what your word is.

I would love to hear what your word of the year is, drop a comment below or share this post on my Facebook page – so you can hold yourself accountable – with the comment:

My Word of the Year is [and insert your word].

I plan on reminding myself every day to believe and also live a life of wonder and amazement. I will create a playlist of songs that relate to my word as well.

How do you remind yourself?

You could:

  • put a post-it note, with the word in bold, on your computer monitor,
  • create a vision board,
  • have it as your wallpaper on your computer,
  • use a whiteboard marker and write it on your office window. (Yes, it does come off. You should see the whiteboard marker mindmap on my office window!),
  • do a daily reminder on your computer or phone,
  • create a Spotify playlist, or
  • create a Pinterest board.

Choose a way to remind yourself each and every day.

Natalie, xo

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