Coming Out of COVID Lockdown in Sydney

How did you cope with coming out of COVID lockdown in Sydney – after the past three and a half months that we were isolated?

I know from my personal experience I chose to really reduce the work that I was doing and spend quality time with my family while we were all at home. 

Being together like that doesn’t happen often, if at all for many people, and it was a sign for almost all of us to slow down and enjoy the time together before things go back to a full schedule again.

Hopefully, this is the only pandemic that we’re going to live in our lifetime (what do you think and feel?), and even though my boys are still young-ish, they are getting older and I felt like this was the last chance that I’ll have the opportunity to have a chunk of time to spend really good quality time with them. I feel like I’ll close my eyes and when I open them – they’ll be leaving home.

Can you relate?

This is what I did during the lockdown

  • Time was spent practising self-care on a more conscious and focused level. I recharged myself and I felt at peace with doing so, with no guilt whatsoever!

  • Listening to my intuition and really owning who it is I am, what I think and how I felt was a huge life changer.

  • I started another business that I felt so drawn to and am so passionate about: “The Divine Hummingbird” (on Instagram at the moment) which is about spirituality and self-care. I provide Tarot + Oracle Card Readings and will be providing other natural therapy services to help other people.

You will notice that this business, Natalie Campbell, and The Divine Hummingbird are complementing each other and going hand in hand.

This change came about because I have pushed my natural gifts to the back burner and I’m no longer hiding that, I’m embracing it and it actually feels really good!

Have you been through a similar process?

My question to you

When you went through this lockdown – if you’re based in Sydney, Victoria or anywhere else in the world where you’ve been in a long-term lockdown – what did you do?

How did you cope?

Do you feel like you right made the right decisions about the time spent?

I understand many people would have chosen different ways in which to react to the situation we were put in, and those ways would have been to either:

  1. Bunker down and really get into the work and churn it out and use that time to thrive and push through with their business objectives.

  2. Recharge the batteries and practice self-care.

  3. Just relax and went with the flow.

Maybe it wasn’t to the extreme of a. and b. but may have been some self-care, some business planning, and some work, but just taking it easy and having gratitude.

From conversations that I’ve had, I know that for people like you, in the field of spirituality and/or natural healing, the lockdown may have had a detrimental effect rather than a positive way, based on that spirituality.

And, that’s okay.

I hope that you’re doing well on the back of this lockdown, as we’re opening back up now. And hope that you can move forward in a way that is serving you and your customers as well in a way that is beneficial.

The last thing I’d like to say is that I really hope you’re living your life with passion and what it means to you, and really striving and hitting those success markers and what they mean to you.

No one can judge you. No one can tell you whether you’re doing something right or wrong, all you can do is go with your gut – and your head and your heart – in a way that you feel is best for yourself, the work that you’re doing and people that you’re serving.

Knowing that the decisions you’re making to make things easier for you so that you can run your business effectively, so you can have that quality time with your family, so you can live a life of happiness, ease and satisfaction. That is a great quality to have.

Are you doing things that you’ve always wished and dreamed of? If not, maybe this is a sign to ask yourself, should I be doing something different? Should I be going in that direction of where I want to be or change tactics? What changes do I need to make?

And if you are living that life you imagined – all I can say is kudos to you. You’re doing a great job and keep going.

Natalie, xo

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