What is Client Onboarding Automation?

It is the process you take your leads and/or your new clients through when you bring them on board as part of your products and/or services.

So, when you sit back and think about (or look at) your client on-boarding process, what does it look like?

Are you:

  • Creating the process from scratch (or a template document that you are constantly updating) every time and perhaps even making errors because you haven’t filled out at the details properly – wasting time in the process?
  • Having to take the time to then create a contract specifically for them?
  • Having to raise an invoice and send it to them – each time waiting for each step to be signed off by the new client before you are able to action the next step?

Having a Client Onboarding Automation workflow set-up takes the hassle out of having to open documents, save documents, amend documents, email back and forth with clients, copying the next document, saving it, amending it and sending it; then having to manually raise an invoice and send it and wait however many days for payment before you get started.

Phew, I’m exhausted just writing about it.

Implementing a well thought out and structured client onboarding automation workflow, where the workflow (for example) takes them from the proposal > to the contract > to the invoice automatically – at the click of a mouse button – and it is a seamless experience for you AND your new client!

What if I told you there is a simple and effective solution?

Well, okay – you’ll still need to take the time in the first instance to set up the framework for your offers and services BUT once you spend that initial time, the maintenance time is very minimal.

In fact, you create the client/project – click a few buttons and they will receive your proposal, they’ll approve it and they’re automatically sent the contract, they’ll sign it and then they’ll automatically be sent the invoice for payment.

Now, that sounds better and not as exhausting, right?

There are no documents to be saved and completed on your hard-drive, there are no constant (manual) emails back and forth to meet the end result, which is signing your new client effortlessly.

How do you jump on this simple, amazing automation?

Well, there are many tools you can use to implement this. Each one differs in features, functionality and price. I know as a sole trader or a small business owner, price is a big factor for you, followed by functionality.

As a service-based business, I use Dubsado to undertake the client onboarding process. So do some of my clients. [You can try Dubsado for free, by clicking this link!]

Is Dubsado right for me?

Dubsado is great for most businesses, particularly the solopreneur run businesses and creative businesses with a team. I’m thinking service-based businesses; photographers; graphic designers; coaches; consultants…and the list could go on.

What is even better is if you already outsource your admin to a VA or someone, you can flick this to them and save time and money (ka-ching) because they’re not spending all that extra time doing the above exhausting manual process.

Okay, you will pay for the plan but it is totally worth it – let me tell ya!

Plus, you’re clients will think you’re fab because you have easily and seamlessly onboarded them without the constant back-and-forth. They’ll admire you!

What else can it do?

You can set-up a lead capture form on your website to drive workflow for any [specific] enquiries, sync your calendar, send invoices, send emails, set tasks, send questionnaires, set-up a client portal for your clients to access in the one area.

Sounds great, huh? Well, it is!

Do I use Dubsado?


I’ve received some great feedback from my own clients who I’ve taken through the Dubsado process because it was easy for them. Considering the fact that I educate business owners on systemising and automating their processes – where possible – it wouldn’t look good if I wasn’t practising what I preach!

Click this link to check it out and sign-up for FREE.

Any questions? Send me an email or call me. I’d love to hear what you think, so feel free to comment below!

Natalie Campbell