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please read our resource licence terms carefully,
to know your rights and responsibilities.

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By purchasing a coaching package, program or any resource from Natalie Campbell, you have downloaded or bought a special licence that gives you permission to use the content within your own business only.

This includes any and all content that is provided by way of a paid dollar amount or given for free.

One important rule to follow is that you may not copy, sell or give away the package, program or resource in its original state, in its entirety or part thereof regardless if it is re-branded or not.

If you do wish to sell or give away any of my content, you are required to:

– seek permission directly with me, and
– pay a licence fee.

Please review the licence terms below and if you have any questions, or if you’re unsure of something, please contact me.

You Can

– Edit the content, and add to the content for use within your own business (only).
– The content can be used for inspiration to create audio + video purposes.

You Cannot

– Sell or give away the content in its original state.
– Copy and sell the content in a re-branded format.
– Sell the content via third-party sites.
– Give away or sell your licence to the content.
– Give away or sell resell rights or master resell rights.
– Transfer rights you have to your customer or client.
– Have your customers or clients give away or sell the content after they purchase or receive a copy from you (once you are given permission and pay a licence fee).

*Terms are subject to change.


The business reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the Terms. The most current version of the Terms will supersede all previous versions. The business encourages you to periodically review these Terms to stay informed of our updates.


Natalie Campbell welcomes your questions or comments regarding any of her Policies:

Natalie Campbell
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Effective as of 22 February 2022.