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Running a business isn’t easy. In fact, it can feel more like the business is working you – rather than the other way around. That’s why it is important that you do all that you can to make the business operations as seamless as possible. This brings me to email templates – the heart and soul of your business. Why? Think about how often you email each day, and consider the time it takes for you to write an email(s) and consider again the number of times you write the same email over and over again – from scratch. It is time consuming. That’s why my Business Operations Email Templates will get you implementing email templates in your business today, and help you brainstorm other email templates that may be specific to your business.

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Business Operations Emails Template Sample | Natalie Campbell
Sample of one of the email templates in the bundle

When I started in business, I quickly realised the need for templates in the business (which is no surprise as I’m a checklist and templates kind of gal).

So with that, as I have been working through the journey that is, I started creating templates and checklists within all areas of business, that I keep as a resource.

I’ve enjoyed it BUT I know that you may have struggled with keeping templates or having a structure that allows you to save time with the click or two of a mouse.

That is why I have released a selection of templates that you can download and use within your own business. You can even amend them, once you’ve copied them – so that you can add your own personal tone.

You can save the emails, depending on what they are being used for, in your email OR you can save as part of a series of emails in your email marketing platform.

Note: If you’re wondering how to create and save templates in Outlook, here is a video I created, showing how easy it is.

My Business Operations Email Templates is a 49-page document, incorporating emails on the following “subjects”:

  • Clients
  • Collaboration
  • Discovery Calls (for prospects/potential new clients)
  • Financials
  • Prospects
  • Team

This document is a starting point, or a helping hand as you reset your business operations so it is working for you, rather than you work for it!

You do NOT have permission to share, give away or resell this Business Operations Email Templates Bundle.

This bundle is intended for your own personal business use only.
  • Use the bundle content yourself in your own business.
  • Use the bundle to provide services to your own paying clients.
  • Resell this kit in any way to your customers, clients, or members as this is not a PLR.
  • Give this kit away for free.
Business Operations Email Templates Bonuses | Natalie Campbell


When you purchase the Business Emails Templates today – you’ll also receive my:

  • Business Operations Tools Guide,
  • Epic Workflow Email Templates (valued at $37), AND
  • 10 Different Email Templates (valued at $19).

Epic Workflow Email Templates consists of:

  • Cold List Re-engagement
  • Lead Engagement
  • New Customer
  • New Subscriber

10 Different Email Templates consists of:

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Flash Sale
  • Welcome Email
  • Transactional Email
  • FAQ Email
  • Freebie Giveaway Email
  • Feedback Request Email
  • Testimonial Request Email
  • Case Study Email
  • Templates Email


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