4 Reasons Why Your Business and De-Cluttering Make-Up Are Alike

blog image 4 reasons business and de cluttering make up are alike | Natalie Campbell

Yes, you read the headline right, “4 Reasons Why Your Business and De-Cluttering Make-Up Are Alike”, that’s because they are in common. According to @AnOrganisedApartment, together with #ninehomes, when it comes to de-cluttering make-up there is a thorough process to make sure that the make-up wearer is able to review what make-up they have, evaluate […]

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Client Onboarding Automation and Workflows

blog image client onboarding automation and workflows | Natalie Campbell

What is Client Onboarding Automation? It is the process you take your leads and/or your new clients through when you bring them on board as part of your products and/or services. So, when you sit back and think about (or look at) your client on-boarding process, what does it look like? Are you: Creating the […]

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Consistency is Key to Business Success

blog image consistency is key to business success | Natalie Campbell

Do you breed consistency with process documentation in your business? When you look (or think about) big businesses, think Banks, Law Firms, Accountant Firms, Retail outlets etc., you know that to ensure consistent messaging and client/customer service – the need for the set-up of processes and automation (where possible) is a must! Why? Because they […]

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