Power in Emails and Email Marketing

power of email marketing blog image S | Natalie Campbell

Too often emails are interpreted as being mundane or encumber some BUT there is real Power in Emails. I’m not talking about daily personal-related emails but rather business-related emails. Business emails that can range from informal to passive to formal, depending on the subject matter and who you are corresponding with. Me, I’m a formal […]

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One Tool. Many Features. ConvertKit.

one tool convertkit blog banner august 2020 1 | Natalie Campbell

Are you using email marketing in your business? If so, why are you using it AND how are you using it? If not, why not? Email marketing is such a powerful tool to utilise in your business to gain subscribers, engage your audience and have a platform to teach what you do and sell your products […]

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Discover Your Word of the Year

word of the year guidebook blog image | Natalie Campbell

Chances are that you have a Word of the Year for 2020. Or, maybe you are aware of others having a Word of the Year? Maybe you’d like to choose one but don’t know how? Either way, by creating a word of the year – it can do powerful things for you, if you let […]

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Discover 3 Ways To Overcome Laziness In Business

blog image 3 ways to overcome laziness | Natalie Campbell

Yes, laziness in business, it is a thing. I believe that a lot of the time laziness it is disguised as being “busy”, and the main reason for that is the belief that weaknesses in business operations can allow your to-do list to go down a rabbit-hole, rather than just getting it done! Don’t be […]

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