Yes, you read the headline right, “4 Reasons Why Your Business and De-Cluttering Make-Up Are Alike”, that’s because they are in common.

According to @AnOrganisedApartment, together with #ninehomes, when it comes to de-cluttering make-up there is a thorough process to make sure that the make-up wearer is able to review what make-up they have, evaluate if it is still needed (or not) and then come up with a solution to fix the clutter that has developed over time.

Ladies, you get it – right?

The same can be said for your business.

Over time, it can build up it’s own clutter and lose any form of process and become untidy and disorganised – meaning you need to spend time (you don’t have) to organise a way for it to be set-up and used differently so that you save time and get to the crux of what you need, when you need it.

See where I’m going with this?

So – taking some guidance and following the path from this @9honey article, there are 4 key reasons I pulled from “An Organised Apartment Shares Her Foolproof Method For De-Cluttering Makeup” that you can assimilate with your business:

Number One – Reduce What You Need To Do and Learn

Over time we can sign-up for the latest business techniques and gurus and download the latest worksheets – yet we either let it sit by the wayside or have the best intentions and keep filling up our inboxes and file managers without doing anything with that content.

Your business will feel the overwhelm quickly from this repeated action alone and there comes a point where you need to stop and take stock.

Tip: Take stock of which emails you subscribe to and unsubscribe to the ones that don’t serve you and your business anymore, save time and use if need be; also have a review of your file manager folder and its files and reduce what you don’t need and see what is cluttering your systems.

BTW, I won’t be offended if you unsubscribe from my emails as I may not be serving you in the way that best suits you and your business type, and if you are yet to subscribe to my email list, you can do so here.

Number Two – Create Limits

Be strategic as to who/what you follow, which information you gather and what you use in your business so that it is the benefit to you and your business’ growth.

This ties into reducing the clutter in Number One above.

Number Three – Have A Good Reason To Buy

When you sign-up to an online challenge, course or program – evaluate if it is the best intention for your business and if you have the TIME and DRIVE to really immerse yourself in it.

Time is precious and unless it is something that you know will benefit you and your business and meet your business objectives and goals – don’t do it!

It is easy to get caught up online and sign-up to things but leave it by the wayside and it is great intentional marketing by the promoter that probably sucked you in in the first place but left you filling up your inbox and file manager.

Number Four – Set-Up Your Business So It is Organised Simply

I’m all about simplifying processes and tasks, but if you have an easy and simplified way of operating your business (processes) – and be intentional in keeping it organised – you may feel liberated from that alone and you will ultimately save time as you know what you need and where it is when you need it.

Ultimately you would want to:

Intention One – Wrap-Up What You’ll Keep and Where You’ll Save It

Ask yourself what you need access to for the day-to-day operations of your business and where you’ll store that information for easy access; in a way that will be simple and save you time.

Intention Two – Get Specific and Measure

Be intentional in the way you want your business to operate and what you need to do to reach your business goals.

Intention Three – Get Real and Save Time

After you have created a process for how your business operates (after your de-cluttering) and set an intention on what you’ll be doing to meet your business goals; jump into action.

From this moment forward, you will be intentional in all that you do in business so that you can save time, stop the overwhelm and ensure you scale your business – as you’ve always intended.

As I said before, I know that time is precious – both in terms of financial value and family time – but if you spend the time to be intentional and set-up your business to run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, it means that you are not all over the place and can follow your own simple system to operating at a greater capacity.

My intention is to help guide you in ways that you may be able to operate your business optimally, especially if you are a fast-growth service-based small business owner who is struggling with the overwhelm and scaling.

I find it amazing how you can see or read something in your ‘everyday’ life that is not business-related yet there is a connection between what it is – like this make-up organisation article I’m referring to – and the way it makes a connection with the operation of your business.

What is your intention for the de-cluttering and operation of your business moving forward? Comment below.

Natalie Campbell