Yes, laziness in business, it is a thing.

I believe that a lot of the time laziness it is disguised as being “busy”, and the main reason for that is the belief that weaknesses in business operations can allow your to-do list to go down a rabbit-hole, rather than just getting it done!

Don’t be ashamed as it’s not uncommon – it’s just that increased laziness in business is counterproductive to actual daily (business) output, which can have a detrimental effect on your mindset and business growth.

I know we each have our own strengths and for you, they may be in areas that need your time and attention more, but it also means that an inability to attribute the right amount of time, tools or energy into making the business processes – and eventual output – work, can do, and will do, harm.

That is why I am sharing with you 3 habits that you can take on-board to help eliminate the laziness (or as I like to say “inefficiencies”) and really help you present you and your business like you’re on top of it all.

Mind you, my use of the word “laziness” is to not insult but rather shine a light!


I really believe that structure is the core basis for which performance is derived and that when you find a way that works for you – and gets the best out of you – then you’re onto a winner!

You can structure your day that could include:

  • blocking time throughout each day to remind you where you’re at and what you should be doing (and when),
  • starting work at the same time,
  • getting dressed for work (if you work at home).

Making structure as simple as possible would mean that you are able to adapt much more easily to daily routines – and not-so-daily routines – and be able to keep on track and help eliminate any “funk”.

Business Systems

This is the hallelujah of a business’ backbone. And although I use the word “laziness” loosely, I think it is more of a mindset that involves procrastination.

If there are ways to help lighten the load of what needs to be done, then I’m all for it and I support and encourage others to be all for it as well!

Generally, I start by saying you need to know your processes and have them in place before starting on systems, but I’m going to be a bit loose here and say that if you know your structure and need to make an immediate change, then you can still put in the systems without having the proper processes in place (yet!).

Think about what needs to be done and HOW it’s going to be done and that will help narrow down and sort out what you need.

I’m going, to be honest with you, it’s not always an easy feat.

Accountability Buddy

Do you have an accountability buddy?

Whoa, what a game-changer this can be. I’m not talking coaches and mentors here – though who knows what your relationship can turn into – but rather someone else in the business that you can become “buddies” with and each of you meets up and holds each other accountable so you can stay on track.

It’s like when you go to a gym by yourself – you have the opportunity to easily cop-out and not go because you’re only holding yourself accountable BUT if you go to the gym with someone else, it’s not so easy to back-out of going because you are each holding yourself accountable.

Having an accountability buddy works well for anyone in business but particularly sole traders and small business owners who may struggle more because you don’t have the added support system of other business executives built-into your business.

These are 3 organic solutions of what you can implement in your business today to rid yourself of “laziness”/inefficiencies.

To effectively eliminate inefficiencies, save time, make more money and scale – it takes more than just the above – it’s a complete audit of your business, a process that involves strategies, systems and automation.

If you’re serious about change and going out and getting your lion’s share of the service-based business spend each year, then you need to take action.

To discover more about how I help fast-growth service-based small business owners with Systems That Scale: A 7-Step Approach to Eliminate Efficiencies, Save You Time, Make You More Money + Help You Work Less – contact me.

I help fast-growth service-based small business owners save time and scale fast by designing, creating and implementing efficient systems and automation solutions.

If you have any tips on ways to overcome inefficiencies in the business, comment below – I’d love to read them.

Natalie Campbell