3 Mistakes I Made So You Don’t Have To

I’m going to outline the 3 mistakes I made so you don’t have to and hopefully, save you time and energy in the process.

The Beginning

I quit full-time working in the city life I’d been doing for many many years and took the leap and started working for myself in 2016.

Personal reasons drove me to make that change and regardless of that, I also believe that it has been the best thing for me as this whole journey that I have been on – and am continuing on – has brought me:

  • joy
  • sadness
  • frustration
  • elation
  • challenges
  • sense of ownership
  • new learnings and understandings (I love learning!), and
  • friendships,

along the way. And all of those feelings and experiences are okay – in fact, it is normal.

Do you relate to any of them?

Struggling to do it all

What is not normal is struggling with your business operations.

It is not just the solo spiritual or natural healer business owner/operator that is struggling, even small business owners with some resources at hand are experiencing this too – they’re not immune.

I know that you may have heard this all before but really – when I sat down, reviewed my business and what I was doing, it allowed me to remove my mental blockages and to be in the moment of taking on board what it is I needed to do IN my business for me to be able to help others.

Once I made those changes, things took shape and really took off.

I also want the same positive things to happen for you too because you are in business for a reason and nothing should hold you back from doing what you want and love, and doing it in the most effective and efficient way possible that does not hinge on your revenue potential.

And although when I share insights, tips etc. I know that not everything is about me – it is about you and helping you – I think it is also important for business owners alike to recognise that they’re not alone and can share experiences.

So to help you become more present in your business and personal life – I thought sharing these three mistakes I’ll never make again will help you as you are continuing on in your divine journey. If you can resonate with one or all of them, that is great.

#1: I chose to do something because I thought it was the easy thing

This is so wrong, wrong, wrong! It is not the reason why to start and operate a business (but I recognise the journey I was on and where it has brought me).

I bring this up because even though I know you already have a business, there are a lot of business owners who still question what it is they are doing and feel deflated or empty because it isn’t necessarily what they want to do or they just become lost along the way.

It can be frightening starting out in business – are you with me?

And you question things by asking yourself “Is this going to work?“, “How do I get myself out there?“, “Where is the money coming from?” and so on.

When I started it was as an Executive Virtual Assistant because I couldn’t otherwise see where I could translate my knowledge and experiences into a “proper” business. 

I had most of all my knowledge and experience in corporate law firms; from being a top-level Executive Assistant to a Business Development Coordinator and Adviser, and a Project Management Coordinator and Adviser.

But, what could I build as a business from that? “Oh, a Virtual Assistant would be easy,” I told myself. It was easy and the quickest journey but it was definitely not my passion.

I quickly cultivated my business and services to be more aligned with what I love to do, and what other business owners benefit greatly from. This is where I am now.

I have shaped and grown in myself, and the business has done that right alongside me.

My key point here is to make sure you are doing something that you love, not because you think it is the right thing you should do but because it brings you joy.

When you do make it your passion – it translates and you attract the right people to you and things will grow from there.

#2: I worked hours that were unhealthy

In running a business you can get carried away with always being switched on, and it’s not healthy.

I was working odd hours and weekends, even though it wasn’t what I wanted to do, but because I thought I had to.

This is also wrong.

Just like when we work for a business – there are set hours and we don’t work outside them (for 98% of the people) – for example, working Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm and the rest of the time is ours, the same should be said and in place when we are working for ourselves.

Boundaries need to be set.

There has been this mentality and belief that we should be always available and that is simply not the case. We have the sole discretion of setting the boundaries and expectations of ourselves and others.

By working all hours and all days – we are also not putting in healthy boundaries for ourselves. It can lead to mental and physical exhaustion, loss of clarity around business objectives and goals, lack of time for ourselves and others, lack of profits, and can lead to a despise for something we once loved.

#3: Doing it all on my own

Okay, so this was a big mistake for me and I know it is a common theme with so many people. Doing it all ourselves!

So, it is easy to want to do it all because we know our expertise and we want to save money and just get up and running but along the way we can still get stuck in this limiting belief because it is an (unhealthy) habit.

I have this mantra of mine that I used to believe in “if I want something done and done properly – I do it myself“. It was unhealthy, it wasn’t helping me and it certainly wasn’t allowing me to help others either.

By working on that control and releasing it to allow others in – it took a little time – it allowed me to elevate my business!

This can cross over into the personal side of things too, not just in business, where we allow others to help us is our business but we need to make sure it’s the right type of help for the right type of things.

Businesses can be helped with marketing activities, business operations – hello, me 🙂 – leads, sales and so on.

The personal side of things can be helped with ironing (yes!), cleaning, childminding, cooking and so on.

​We all have our own experiences on what it is we are doing in business and how – that’s because we all offer something a bit different, even though our targeted markets may be similar.

But universally, there are underlying factors that are shared amongst most everyone, irrespective of how many people your business has, your working hours, your goals/objectives, your income level, and the services/products you offer.

Does that make sense?

When you repeat a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore: it is a decision.
~ Paulo Coelho

When we put into perspective ways in which we can overcome the roadblocks in our business – it can open up a whole other level of doing – it may even change the direction your business is taking (in a good way) that you didn’t realise you’d be doing.

Flexibility and flow are key

Do you have any “mistakes” that you have made yourself and later realised it was a helpful learning experience?

How much of an impact did it make on you and your business?

Comment below and let me know because I’d love to read them and if you would like to discover ways to get your business operations organised and get on top – let me know.

Natalie, xo

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